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Webinar Series

Co-operatives are a unique way to do business that offers Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs the power to meet their own needs and aspirations.

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How small businesses can collaborate using a co-op

Did you know small businesses can work together as a co-op and remain independent? There are numerous reasons why businesses may choose to collaborate, including:

  • New approaches to marketing
  • Create efficiencies in administration costs
  • To compete with larger companies
  • And many more!

Join us with our special guest, Tommy Kerrivan from the My Jasper Wedding co-op. It is a great example of small businesses collaborating with a co-op to create wonderful experiences for people looking for a destination wedding package. It will also be a great discussion for anyone who wants a different approach to tourism.

Time: 1 pm MST/2 pm CST

Where: Zoom invite

When: November 25, 2021

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Regional Synergies Webinar Series

Episode 1: South Island Prosperity Partnership

In this discussion series, Co-operatives First speaks with business and community leaders that have formed regional partnerships. In particular, we explore rural and Indigenous partnerships across western Canada. The goal is to discover how members of neighbouring communities come together to share resources, knowledge, and a vision to create opportunities where not only the individual community, but the region can share in the benefits of working together.

For the first webinar in the series, we sit down with leaders from South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP). SIPP is an alliance of over 70 public and private-sector partners in Greater Victoria, including 11 local governments, nine First Nations, three post-secondary institutions, nine industry associations and nonprofits, and more than 30 major employers. SIPP’s goal is to bolster the region’s economic and social prosperity. To do this, they create high-quality, household-sustaining jobs, so that more families can afford to live, work and build a life in the region.

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Past Webinars

Indigenous Artist Cooperatives

Artisan co-operatives can take many shapes, include many different stakeholders, and be any size. But many use the model to reach larger markets as a group and reduce administrative costs.

The Ancestral Rich Treasures of Zuni (ARTZ) Cooperative is the only pueblo artist-owned and operated cooperative in New Mexico. The co-op was founded to ensure artists receive fair value for their work. It is a collective of proud Zuni artisans ranging from carvers, jewellers, metalsmiths, painters, potters, silversmiths, weavers, and woodworkers. Many thanks to Kandis Quam from the ARTZ Cooperative for joining Trista in this month’s Your Way, Together webinar!

Indigenous Agriculture

Agriculture in Canada is a 49-billion-dollar industry, and Indigenous communities are exploring ways to participate. Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) recent survey on Indigenous agriculture shows many communities are interested in increasing food sovereignty and security, creating new sources of revenue, providing jobs and training opportunities, and getting into value-added processing.

Besides the economic upsides to agriculture, there are substantial social and cultural opportunities to pass on knowledge and be caretakers of the land. The co-op model has a role to play in Indigenous agriculture, and this presentation will explore how the model can help communities participate in this vital industry.

Many thanks to Jesse Robson from Farm Credit Canada for joining us for this informative webinar.