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Webinar Series

Co-operatives are a unique way to do business that offers Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs the power to meet their own needs and aspirations.

In these FREE one-hour webinars, we’ll introduce you to co-operatives, how cooperatives have been used in a variety of industries in Canada, and what challenges or opportunities exist for Indigenous co-op entrepreneurs. Sign up for the Your Way Together newsletter today and stay up-to-date on all the upcoming webinar topics and expert panellists.

Agriculture Co-operatives Webinar

Agriculture in Canada is a 49-billion-dollar industry, and Indigenous communities are exploring ways to participate. Farm Credit Canada’s recent survey on Indigenous agriculture shows many communities are interested in increasing food sovereignty and security, creating new sources of revenue, providing jobs and training opportunities, and getting into value-added processing. Besides the economic upsides to agriculture, there are substantial social and cultural opportunities to pass on knowledge and be caretakers of the land. The co-op model has a role to play in Indigenous agriculture, and this presentation will explore how the model can help communities participate in this vital industry.

Join host, Trista Pewapisconias, a proud member of Little Pine First Nation and Indigenous Engagement Lead for Co-operatives First, to explore the promising future of Indigenous agriculture and the role co-operatives can play in realizing it.

Time: 1 pm MDT/2 pm CST

Where: Zoom invite

When: Fall 2021

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