Webinar Series

What is a coop and why should I care?

If you are like most people, you probably stay awake at night wondering: what makes a co-op work and how can I start one? Just kidding, a co-op maybe hasn’t crossed your mind let alone kept you up at night. So, why should you start caring now? The answer is because the model has been used by someone like you to do some cool things in communities – some of them just like yours – throughout the world. In fact, globally almost one billion people are members of over three million co-ops. That’s a lot! You should learn more about them.

And understanding the model is for more than those starting a co-op. Professionals, like bankers, lawyers, and economic developers, should know something about the model too. The benefits for entrepreneurs, communities, and businesses are significant and should not be overlooked. And the professionals working with them should understand the options available to their clients.

Watch this one-hour webinar on co-ops and the creative ways businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities have used the model. Plus, get answers to frequently asked questions, like: are all co-ops gas stations, grocery stores or credit unions? Are all co-ops’ non-profits? Who are the owners and decision-makers? And any other burning questions you might have about co-operatives. Let us answer them (so that you get a good sleep at night).

This webinar took place on March 24th, 2022.