Your Way Together

A three-hour workshop on Indigenous co-ops

Co-operatives are a unique kind of business that give Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs the power to meet their own needs and aspirations.

In this FREE workshop we’ll introduce you to co-operatives, how Indigenous communities have used co-operatives in Canada, and what challenges or opportunities exist for Indigenous co-op entrepreneurs.

Our next workshops are taking place on April 12th at 1pm MST and May 13th at 1pm MST.

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What you learn

Take this unique workshop to:

  • Discover innovative opportunities for new and vibrant businesses
  • Identify where co-ops might fit in your community
  • Explore real case studies of entrepreneurs solving problems
  • Learn about new models for partnerships and collaboration

What people are saying about Co-operatives First’s workshops

The workshop I took part in was so well laid out. It was full of great information and was very interactive! For any economic development department where a cooperative may be something that a group in your community is interested in, this workshop will give you the resources and tools you need to help them out! The staff at Cooperatives First is also always available if you have any questions along the way.” –Penny Schoonbaert, Community Economic Development Coordinator, Community Futures Heartland

Going to your seminar expanded my view of how businesses can be run beyond the typical business models. I enjoyed the workshop and came out of it seeing how my potential could increase the overall potential of a bigger community.” – University Student